New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees

New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees


City Different Retired Educators Association (Santa Fe Area)

Aileen Garcia                    

Patricia Rivera                 

Vice President:
Glenda Dickey

Legislative Chair:
Pauline Rindone        

Membership Co-Chairs:
Margaret Romero                 

Mary Helen Kelty                   

Recording Secretary:
Sherry A. Coopwood                   

Barbara Alba            

Corresponding Secretary:
Julia Gomez                

Mary Helen Kelty                   

Our Mission is dedicated to pursuing excellence in education by supporting educators whose work makes a profound and positive impact on the children of New Mexico, community engagement and protection of retiree benefits.

Our vision is to provide a setting where members can exchange ideas, strategies, and encouragement in the pursuit of improving and supporting education, the community, and the membership.

The strength of our organization is our diverse members that bring a wealth of knowledge, we are community minded and we support educators and the community.  We strongly believe that we need to create a positive organization that works together for the greater good.  We know little about what to expect in 2021; therefore, we will use our time wisely.  Our monthly Zoom Meetings will include a variety of professional development topics that meet the needs of our membership.  For our members that don't have access, we will keep them informed by telephone and/or mail.   

As we reflect on the character of our community and the challenges we're facing, we believe that we will emerge stronger.  Our diverse membership includes: teachers/administrators/professors, nurses, teacher assistants, counselors, librarians, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria and maintenance personnel.  We invite retirees from Santa Fe, Pecos, and the surrounding area to join us.

Please contact the Co- Presidents or the Membership Co-Chairs for more information.